83# Samsung WorldWide Factory Unlock Code Via IMEI Service - Made in China Models Supported Only (3 to 48 Hours)



* Service for Made in China Samsung phones only

* Many times you will get Not Found message even for Made in China IMEIs

* This Service only support "MADE IN CHINA" models. Please don't submit imei which is " MADE IN OTHER COUNTRY" 

* You can unlock by this Samsung Worldwide (Including USA).


Only condition: that the phone was manufactured in China. To check if you Samsung was 'Made in China', just remove the battery and check the sticker on the phone behind the battery. If it shows 'Made in China', it is supported. 


WE do NOT support 9900xxxx IMEI. SPRINT, VERIZON, TRACFONE, METROPCS are not supported. no refunds given


 If you get code like this: 12345678 / 87654321, then NCK and Freeze is:

NCK:12345678  Freeze:87654321


* Many Rejected IMEIs Come back From This Service - Good Service Only For Big Phone Dealers


!!! There is ABSOLUTELY No Refund for BAD CODES even with Video Proof !!!




Codes are from factory database, if it not work then it's your phone OS problem. No Refund for this service even provide video.

This RULES is from Supplier, thanks for your understanding and cooperation!


Please don't order imei start with:

35665006; 35583506; 35953505; 35194606; 35977605; 35753706; 35579905; 35275006; 35451005; 35678005; 35678005;35831606; 35885105; 35903005....

You will get code like this:00000000/XXXXXXXX ( X = 0 to 9) from china factory database, if your phone can not unlocked there is no refund from supplier too!

Delivery Time : 1-3 days

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